Carpineti is a quiet chieftown, with a population of about 4000 inhabitants, located in the wide Tresinaro stream valley and dominated by the Carpinete Castle (recently restored), that is situated on the sharp Antognano Mountain, 800 mt. height.

Modern and comfortable sports facilities (tennis fields, football grounds, open air swimming pools, playground) offer to the visitors amusement and relax opportunities, in a context where quiet, excellent cuisine, history and tradition, are always present.

The Residence Hotel Matilde is the ideal starting point for trips, not only to the Carpineti’s region but to all the area of Matilde di Canossa Lands, with the turret strongholds, the middleage villages, the trails on the hills and the spectacular landscapes.

During Spring and Summer period a lot of events are organised: some related to the most ancient traditions (San Vitale fair, festivals and feasts), other suitable for young people loving night fun.

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